Welcome to Faith India Ministries

Faith India Ministries is an Indian & a Faith-based NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) started in 2004 with a high calling to share the message of God’s love in India and that seeks to serve Dalit people (The untouchables).

As Mother Teresa said a fruit of faith is love, Faith India Ministries have taken the scriptural mandate from 1 John 3:16 that we should love others in our actions and deeds. We are the movement of the lovers and doers. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Our Mission is Simple:  Spreading God’s love to every village in India…


We invite you to join with us to help and do the mission works we are entrusted and make a great difference in India. Without you, FIM can do nothing here. We need people to stand in the gap and come & serve alongside of us to touch and transform many lives in India.


  • " FIM is a ministry that reaches out and makes a huge difference in the village of Kotipalli and beyond. People who do not feel worth in society do receive genuine and authentic love, in line with the gospel. In India, many need Jesus and FIM share his message and love with their hands and feet. I have twice been to India and am delighted to partner with them in bringing good news in a broken world. The work they do is full of love and authenticity, and our partnership is managed with integrity as well. I recommend FIM whole-heartedly. "

    CEO Refreshment UK/FIM UK

  • " Jericho Road Church has been involved with Faith India Ministries for the past four years. I have visited the family and orphanage twice in Kotipalli where we lived and worked together for almost three weeks. The children are well cared for and appear happy and thriving in a safe and loving environment. Situated in the rural south the needs are immense with few resources or even jobs readily available. Sanjeeva, his sons, and their wives work tirelessly to support and care for the children and are honest, passionate followers of Jesus, and humble servants. They have taken what little they have and shared it in a manner that would put most of us in the West to shame. I strongly endorse this ministry and the long-term vision of providing a property where the children can live, crops grown for a sustainable living, and a training facility for pastors can be built. "

    Senior Pastor - JERICHO ROAD CHURCH, CA

  • " FIM has been a great international partner! They serve those who are in need with the love of God. We look forward to partnering more with them in the coming days, months, and years. I'd encourage you to do the same!"

    Terence Lester
    Executive Director of Love Beyond Walls